Expat Outlet started out as the “Mexico City Online Garage Sale” Facebook group in July of 2014 .  We saw a need for a trusted space for expats to be able to buy and sell their goods, in a forum they could trust.  Within a year, we had over 5,000 members, most of whom were not even expats!  That’s when we decided that we had outgrown Facebook and that it was time to broaden our horizons, and Expat Outlet was born.

Our main focus is still to fulfill a need in the global expatriate community, but… you don’t have to be an expat to be a part of our community!  You just have to be a good person with a common ethos, and be able to communicate in English.  As English is the  global business language, and a grand majority of expats are English speakers, we have found that they typically feel more comfortable doing business in their native tongue. It is for this reason that we prefer all posts and all communication be in English.  If you don’t feel comfortable posting in English, that is fine, but we do require that you at least have enough understanding to respond to questions by those who do not speak the local language.


What we feel makes us unique and different from all the other classifieds-type websites out there is that we, as a community, monitor the site to keep it as free as we possibly can from scams, spam, porn and the like.  We strive to be a community where our word actually means something.  We keep our appointments.  We show up on time.  And we view our word as a binding contract.  We all recognise that things sometimes happen which cause us to not be able to fulfill our commitments as we originally planned.  However, in these circumstances, we have the courtesy to contact the other person and let them know, so as not to waste anyone’s precious time.

We feel strongly about conducting our business with integrity and we encourage each of you to hold each other to these same standards.  Therefore, we have structured the site in such a way that, should a member of our community NOT conduct him/herself in this manner, you can report that person to the administrators who will immediately take action, and should it be deemed necessary, he/she will be banned from the group.  It is in this way that we can maintain the trust factor in all of our interactions.  We encourage each of you to report any negative experiences you may have so that we can actually DO something about it and keep this community a community of trust.


CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR:   Admin@ExpatOutlet.com