Latest Classifieds in Sporting Goods/Equipment (weights, treadmills, etc.)

Cadence Treadmill

Mexico DF: Miguel Hidalgo $1,500.00

Make Cadence treadmill.  Hardly used.  Price negotiable.

Elevador de Plataforma (platform lift)

Mexico DF: Benito Juárez $200,000.00

Elevador de plataforma, marca Thyssemkrupp. Plataforma de acción electromecánica (mod PL96) Capacidad de carga de 250 kg. Elevation 2.43 mts. Dimensiones

Inflatable Kayak – Kayak Savylor Quick Pak K5 Nuevo Inflable

Mexico DF: Cuauhtémoc $5,500.00

An inflatable Kayak that has not been untouched and comes with all its accesories. A backpack which it packs into, a

Body Crunch

Mexico DF: Coyoacán $3,000.00

Body Crunch almost new

Motorized Treadmill / Corredora Electrica

Mexico DF: Benito Juárez $3,500.00

PACER Circuit motorized Treadmill

Indoor Bike Trainer

Mexico DF: Cuauhtémoc $3,000.00

Magnetic resistance, TranzX brand bike trainer. In great condition.

Home gym weight machine

Mexico DF: Benito Juárez $4,500.00

Home gym weight machine, almost new!

Step para hacer ejercicio

Mexico DF: Miguel Hidalgo $280.00

Vendo step para hacer ejercicio. Semi-nuevo, en muy buenas condiciones. De plástico con cubierta anti-derrapante. Se ajusta a dos niveles.

US Kids Golf Clubs Set

Estado de Mexico (North: Satelite, Naucalpan, Tlanepantla, etc) $1,950.00

US Kids bag and set of five golf clubs. In green. Includes five golf clubs; cover head for the driver;

Life jacket

Mexico DF: Benito Juárez $120.00

Life jacket  Medium size For 90 kilos weight (maximum)

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