Table made of Swiss Granite, a beautiful and strong material, which easily resisted both snowy Zurich winters and warm Mexican summers. 

The table´s sizes are; L: 185 cm, W; 85 cm, H; 75 cm. The table is currently in the packing of an international moving company, so it´s easy to transport it without a scratch.

The chairs are very nice and comfy even without pillows for sitting outside. I love them too much so would prefer not to sell them. Or only two of them, therefore I propose the following pricing:

  • 12,000 MXN just the table
  • 15,000 MXN the table and two chairs
  • 20,000 MXN the table and four chairs

We can talk about the price, if you arrange the pick up these beautiful pieces of furniture yourself.

You can call or whatsapp me on +52 1 55 4356 2494

6 years

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