IKEA, White circular mirror.

Approximately 20″ 

Ideal for lounge, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

Please find official product listing below:



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  • Do you still have it??? TIA!

  • Hi, is it still available? I could pick it up tomorrow.

  • Yes thank you I will!! on Tuesday? Ill get you on whatsapp later but I do not have my phone with me right ow. Thank you for letting me know.

    • Thank you Adriana.

      If you are interested, do let me know via WhatsApp as and when you can. Many thanks,

  • Hi!! Thank you for the reply. I have family arriving today and a 60 birthday luncheon tomorrow so cannot go. I suspect this and the mirror will go fast, but iIf you have any bedding left over for queen or king size beds or pillows etc I am in Condesa on Tuesday afternoons for my daughter’s lessons. Thank you!!

    • Adriana,

      Just to let you know the mirror is still available if you are interested in it.

      Im on 55 5458 9483 if you would like to arrange delivery / collection.

      Thank you.

  • I am also interested in this.

    • Thank you Adriana.

      Its a great mirror and first come first served. I am located at Chihuahua 176 Roma Norte today and tomorrow having a open sale.

      Feel free to come round to view the mirror any other items.

      Many thanks.

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