As new, very beautiful wooden tv/entertainment center stand and bookshelf.  h 0.70 m x l 2.86. Bookshelf h 2.82 m


3 years


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  • Hi, is this still available? Are you positive the bookshelf is 2.80m?

  • Graciela, hola! Se puede ver hoy?

  • Gracias Graciela, lo entiendo. Puedo llegar en 15min? Que num de Colima es?

    • Nadia, qué pena! Me llegó el mensaje al Spam y hasta ahora lo veo. Quieres venir este fin? Disculpa la tardanza en responder

    • Mas bien en el horario q digas 🙂

  • Hello! Im looking for something like this but my budget is limited, could you accept 3000? I can pick it up today.

    • Hi, unfortunately, I cannot accept 3,000, it has an excellent condition and very good quality. It is already less than 50% off the original price. You can come to take a look, and we can agree on a price that is reasonable for both of us. I am in Roma Norte

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